石生華:136 2975 4972
                          熊輝:152 2302 5201
                          何揚強:159 2271 8288

                          Address: Will Xi Yong Zhen Tong Shan Qiao Cun Wei Chongqing city Shapingba District side
                          Tel./Fax: 023-65672322
                          Sales contact:
                          Shi Shenghua: 136 2975 4972
                          Xiong Hui: 152 230 25201
                          Technical contact
                          He Yangqiang: 159 2271 8288


                            公司同時具有熱誠專業的售后服務隊伍万发彩票平台注册。 公司本著研發創新、質量合格的工作理念,最大限度地滿足客戶的實際需求万发彩票平台注册万发彩票平台注册,用高性價比的產品万发彩票平台注册,過硬的質量,良好的企業信譽,為每一位新老客戶提供優質的服務万发彩票平台注册。


                            我公司的產品銷往全國各地,深受廣大新老客戶的喜愛,是您創業辦廠的理想合作伙伴。握著世冠的手,我們永遠是朋友,讓我們攜手 共創美好的明天。

                            The Company is located at the industrial powerhouse of Chongqing Municipality - Will Xi Yong Zhen Tong Shan Qiao Cun Wei Chongqing city Shapingba District side and it is a professional entity company integrating the design, production, sales and after-sales services of steel bar stretching, straightening, cutting and packaging machineries and equipment. The Company has a professional design team, which has been dedicated to the R&D and design of deep processing equipment for steel bars such as cold rolling, stretching, straightening, packaging and cutting to length since 1998. The Company also has a warmhearted and professional after-sales service team.

                            Based on the work philosophy of R&D, innovation and quality first, the Company satisfies the actual demand of the customers to the maximum extent and provides each new or old customer with high-quality services with cost-effective products, creditable quality and good corporate reputations.

                            The Company has released the following products: cold-rolled ribbed steel bar equipment, on-line straightening production lines for cold-rolled ribbed steel bars, two-sided ribbed steel bar equipment, cold-rolled heated two-sided ribbed steel bar production lines, three-stage steel straightening machines, three-stage steel hydraulic stretching and straightening production lines, multi-function steel bar processing production lines, steel bar straightening machines, steel bar stretching and straightening production lines, steel bar stretching, straightening and cutting all-in-one machines and steel bar straightening and cutting all-in-one machines (the all-in-one machines are especially suitable for field fabrication at the job site), etc.

                            Our products are sold throughout the country and popular with a majority of new and old customers, and we are your ideal partner to create enterprises and set up factories. Holding the hand of Shiguan, we will always be friends. Let's join hands in creating a better tomorrow.

                          版權所有:重慶渝仕達機械制造有限公司 地址:重慶市沙坪壩區西永鎮童善橋村委會旁  電話:023-65672322  手機:15223025201(熊輝)
                          熱門產品:液壓延伸機 三級鋼延伸機 三級鋼調直機 數控鋼筋調直切斷機 網站備案編號:渝ICP備14008257號-1  重慶網站建設 | 百推網提供技術支持
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